Kobelli Fine Jewelry

Remarkable craftsmanship without the retail markup. Since 1980.


Established in 1980, Kobelli is a trusted fine jewelry brand that has been importing diamonds and manufacturing fine jewelry for four-and-a-half decades in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. We are trusted by consumers for our transparency, honesty, and social responsibility.

Previously manufacturing for major US brick-and-mortar retailers under the name Baguette World, our owner and founder, Kobi Katz, decided to embark on a new journey in the e-commerce landscape at the start of the new millennium.


To this day, Kobi works closely with the design team to create new pieces for the Kobelli line.

With our artisans, designers, and fulfilment experts all working under the same roof, Kobi is able to ensure every piece is made in accordance to our high standards with top-tier quality control.

Today, as a manufacturer with a direct-to-consumer business model, we are able to provide you the customer experience and fine jewelry excellence you deserve at the best possible prices.


Our diverse team of individuals are all committed to upholding the high expectations of the Kobelli brand.

Several members have luckily found long-term positions here at Kobelli. We're talking 10 to 30+ years of loyalty and expertise. And for that, we are thankful. Arriving here from various countries, we have team members from all walks of life. With our varying backgrounds, you can imagine how much fun we have rooting for our own countries during international events such as The World Cup or The Olympics. Or better yet, introducing our dishes to one another during those precious lunch breaks and birthday celebrations.

We have members from South America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, East Europe, the Mediterranean, and of course North America. Even for those of us born in the USA, many of us are second generation minorities, each representing our multi-nationalities with pride, as we have parents who survived catastrophic historical calamities and eventually arrived in California after living as refugees and/or being separated from their loved ones. The values of these stories keeps us all strong-minded and grateful to the successes of Kobelli.

On that same note, Kobi wholeheartedly supports that we all travel and explore the world when opportunities arise. Some team favorites are Puerto Vallarta, Tokyo, London, Barcelona, Cancún, and naturally, our home countries.


At Kobelli, all of our product photos have been taken in-house by our online fulfillment team using real fine jewelry, designed and made by us.

Many fans of our product images have stolen our works to use on their own stores. Beware of fake products from these low integrity sellers and rest assured every image you see on Kobelli is our own.

We genuinely take pride in what we do and are passionate about showcasing to our customers exactly what they can expect from our designs.

Upon direct requests, we will try to send you additional photos from our current stock, as well, whenever possible.


Growing up in a small Mediterranean town and learning the trade from his father, Kobi continued his studies in Los Angeles, California. He successfully launched his own brand with a few close partners and extensively learned all aspects of the trade.

With his humble upbringing, Kobi readily assists anywhere he can from sales to manufacturing, and even customer service. He does not allow his grand successes to spoil his ambitious mindset, knowing the full value of his roots.

Every member of his team is proud to work with him. With each step being done within the same building, our customers can confidently shop with us knowing the designers, manufacturers, diamond sourcers, customer assistance, packing and shipping are all working closely together.

Our Mission

To disrupt the diamond fine jewelry industry by cutting the middle-man in our business model, manufacturing in-house in our downtown Los Angeles facility, and selling directly to consumers without compromising the integrity and craftsmanship of each Kobelli piece.

This allows us to remove unnecessary overhead retail costs, and truly focus on providing our customers with what they want – impeccable artistry at competitive rates topped off with an incomparable customer service experience.

Why choose us?


Kobelli carries one of the most extensive online collections of diamond jewelry. From engagement rings and bridal sets to moissanite and lab grown diamonds, Kobelli has something for every customer and every budget. At Kobelli, we manufacture our jewelry in our Los Angeles, CA facility.

As a manufacturer and direct importer of diamonds from cutters all over the world, Kobelli proudly offers unbeatably low prices to our customers and can customize nearly every piece in our collection.


We are committed not only to bringing you the best jewelry, but also the best team to help you make your purchase easy.

Buying jewelry online can be daunting, that's why our specialists are standing by to assist you with any questions you may have. We want to ensure complete confidence in every purchase.


With over 45 years of experience as not only a manufacturer, but also an importer of diamonds and diamond encrusted jewelry, Kobelli creations range from the classic beauty of a three stone ring to the most intricate of one-of-a-kind designs. We incorporate natural fancy center and accent diamonds, various shaped side diamonds, and truly remarkable craftsmanship.

Kobelli jewelry has been carried at nationwide retailers and now, we're passing the savings on to you through our online store. Today, we work with top online marketplaces and E-commerce under both the Kobelli & Annello Brand.

Our Social Impact

Kobelli strongly believes in giving back to the community as part of our social responsibility to our society.

From not only ensuring that our natural diamonds are conflict-free and pass the Kimberley Process, to using recycled gold, and additionally leaving less carbon footprint with the use of our sustainable lab-grown diamonds and moissanite gemstones as alternatives, we at Kobelli strive to make a difference in an industry that has been clouded with negativity and discord.  

Since 2019, through our partnership with ShoppingGives, we've been able to participate in the giving economy together with the help of our customers. We donate 1% of our customer's purchase to the cause of their choice at no cost to them.




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